Planning for Discovery

As an educator, I have been very lucky.  I have been blessed with an abundance of game changing opportunities:  planning time with teachers of the same subject and grade built into my regular schedule, access to mentors and math coaches who have worked with me side-by-side in my classroom, and plenty of choices in accessingContinue reading “Planning for Discovery”

Surviving the Countdown

Don’t get me wrong…I love being a teacher.  But during the third week in June an unbelievable exhaustion sets in.  At the end of the school year, teachers have report cards to complete, final grades to justify, transition notes to update, end of year celebrations to plan, materials to collect, classrooms to pack up, textbooksContinue reading “Surviving the Countdown”

A Choice Engagement

Yesterday on Twitter, The Modest Teacher asked:  “Veteran teachers, what is something you did your first year of teaching that makes you cringe when you think about it?” It got me thinking.  Well I had already been thinking…but it had me reflecting specifically on the challenges teachers are up against and how the management ofContinue reading “A Choice Engagement”