Math is fun! …or it can be.
How about more challenges, conversations, explorations and teamwork and less drill, tricks, memorization and silent seatwork. Here I will write about my math journey and share activities that bring joy and satisfaction instead of dread and stress. Teachers – check out the challenges! Try some activities! Tell me what works and what needs work. We are in this together. It is up to us to show our students and their families that math is creative, interesting, puzzling and fun.

“I met JoAnn when she was in a Math coaching position, and then had the privilege of being her teaching partner. During those years, I can honestly say my teaching has been brought to another level. JoAnn has a way of predicting and understanding what the student mind may be thinking during her lessons, and structures all her activities in a way that promotes independence and discovery. Conversations are at the center of it all. She promotes sharing between educators and always has time to listen to others.”
~ Valerie Targett (My vivacious, caring, and trusted friend…and exemplary educator)

“JoAnn is an asset to education and a gift to all who know her. She is open to change and is a lifelong learner. She’s committed to developing her craft to meet the needs of all learners. Her professionalism and dedication shows in her working relationships with students and staff. Her love of math is evident and her passion is one that students embrace.”
~ Jodie Joudrie (An incredibly empathetic, endlessly resourceful, and tenacious educator…the truest of friends)