My Favourite Activities


It is amazing the engagement that can happen when students are offered a choice! The following activities have been used as summative events in place of a more traditional test. Teachers have reported that they learned more about what students can and can’t do by using these menus than they would have with a quiz. Try them out! What do you notice?

“I used the Percent Menu as a final assessment in Grade 7. The students loved the fact that they could choose questions and tasks that aligned to their strengths and learning styles. The only complaints I received were from students asking for more time so they can complete more appetizers and desserts!”
~ Justin Deveau (Ebullient Educator)

Feast your eyes on all the ways to show what you know!

Scavenger Hunts

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt!?! Set up in your classroom, down the hallway, or out on the school grounds. I love the conversation and teamwork that comes with figuring out clues and the excitement when students confirm they are on the right track. And with converation – it is easy to tell what kids know and what might be worth a chatting about tomorrow. Here’s a few scavenger hunts I made recently. These have several versions so all learners can participate. All versions have the same answers and exclamation at the bottom. Let me know how it goes!

When the weather gets nice…take your math outside!

Two Truths & A Lie

Completed one a day as warm-ups or all at once set up as stations, these activites are among my favourites. Students love figuring out the lie, and seem more willing to provide proof in this context than in others. These activities promote conversation, representing with models or pictures, and connecting and generalizing main ideas. And… they are fun!

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