Targeted Tasks

Here you will find some activities I have created organized by the learning target.
Many include Tips for Teachers, audio how-tos, detailed speaker notes and links to student materials.
Some may also have a blogpost with further details. If you use them, let me know how it goes.  What worked?  What didn’t?  What changes would you or did you make?  I value feedback.  I will keep adding activities as I create them, so check back often!

Relating Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
This is a foundational topic. Making sure students investigate these relationships lots of ways is critical. Have students play with lots of different manipulatives, talk about what they notice, and make lots of connections before using generalizing in an abstract way or making conversions procedurally. Here are a few activities that you might use to start conversations about fraction, decimal, and percent relationships.

What fraction is shaded in?
What decimal amount is red?
How can I shade in 75%?
Prompts in this activity encourage discussion in describing areas as fractions, decimals or a percent of the whole.
(Curriculum Connection: Grade 7 N03)

What fraction of each pattern
does each color represent?
What decimal? Percent?
How do you know?
Prompts in this activity encourage discussion and connections.
Then students create their own picture or pattern to describe.
(Curriculum Connection: Grade 7 N03)

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